Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Six of the Best 667

"Populism often takes the form of rich people persuading the poor that the problems they face are caused not be economic injustice or exploitation but by foreigners and a corrupt ‘establishment’." William Wallace dissects our current enemy.

Simon Wessely explains why we shouldn’t close the child refugee scheme.

Paul Evans argues that modern demand for transparency has fatally weakened parliamentary democracy. Hear him.

"Then there is perhaps the most monstrous application of racial terror in our historical register: Aug. 28, 1955, when 14-year-old Emmett Till was lynched." Jason Parham on a notorious case.

Do bowlers get overlooked as England captain because of the old class system? Derek Pringle investigates.

Samuel Wigley presents some stunning shots of Oliver Reed, Shirley Anne Field and Joseph Losey in Weymouth in the summer of 1961. They were in the seaside town filming one of Hammer’s most unique films – the apocalyptic sci-fi classic The Damned.

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wolfi said...

Thank you, Jonathan, for bringing The Damned to my attention.
As students in the 60s we watched and enjoyed many Hammer films - but mainly the horror, this wasn't shown in Germany afaik.