Saturday, February 04, 2017

Six of the Best 664

"The Liberal Democrats led a battle in the Lords to get the Government to change the law to pardon all those gay men convicted under the dreadful Labouchère amendment and similar Acts." John Sharkey on the success of a Lib Dem campaign.

Alex Massie says people who protest against Donald Trump are not the problem: they are right. And in The Spectator of all places.

"Reading it in January 2016 seemed strangely appropriate, as we grapple with new authoritarianism and protest. The scenery may change but the stories remain similar." Nicholas Whyte encounters V for Vendetta, by Alan Moore,

Stephen Pentz blogs an essay on beauty.

Backwatersman now has a second blog. On it he walks from Luton Airport Parkway to Harpenden.

"Playing 'one of the stately homos of England' and 'the greatest god of all' within the span of a year had a huge impact on a generation of young teenagers, of which I was one at the time. Frank Collins pays tribute to John Hurt.

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