Thursday, February 09, 2017

Six of the Best 665

"While a number of British think tanks are open about who funds them ... some of the most influential think tanks which impact on current Tory government policy are extremely secretive." David Hencke looks at a new report on who funds the people who work to influence government policy.

Sidney Blumenthal offers a riveting history of the Trump family.

Richard Smith discusses the career of Sir Edward Grey, the Liberal foreign secretary who led Britain into the First World War.

"She told me so much about those strange and unhappy children, and she was puzzled and perplexed by what she might have been able to do to connect with them in some way. She never knew what it was called, but she was an Autism Advocate well before her time." Yvonne Newbold on her mother and 70 years of autism.

Heather Rae on the significance of the dual bodies of hybrid monsters in Greek mythology.

"House cats would not exist without humans, but we didn’t really create them, nor do we control them now. Our relationship is less about ownership than aiding and abetting." John Gray examines what cats can teach us about how to live.

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