Monday, February 27, 2017

Six of the Best 670

Peter Black asks if the USA becoming a land of censorship, prejudice and paranoia.

Privatising Britain's railways has led to "a mixture of crony capitalism, a world populated by well paid lobbyists and well networked insiders, and smoke and mirrors accounting which makes it impossible for normal citizens to penetrate what is going on," argues Michael Moran.

"Several industries have become notorious for the millions they spend on influencing legislation and getting friendly candidates into office ... But one has managed to quickly build influence with comparatively little scrutiny: Private prisons." Michael Cohen on the dangers of introducing the profit motive to the law.

Jonathan Breckon offers eight ideas for how the evidence and data movement can respond to the world of 'Trexit' - that's Trump and Brexit.

Antony Beever reviews a new book that argues the Third Reich was riddled with drugs.

It's 50 years since the Beatles' double A-side single with Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever was released. It did not reach number 1, but as Terence Towles Canote says, they remain two of the group's best remembered songs.

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