Sunday, May 28, 2017

A reminder of Amber Rudd's chequered business career

With Theresa May revealed as a weak and wobbly leader, the Conservatives are keeping her out of Wednesday's leaders debate on BBC television.

Instead Amber Rudd, now seen as a safer pair of hands, will take part.

Which makes this Daily Mirror story from October 2016 interesting all over again:
The Daily Mirror has examined Mrs Rudd’s record before she entered politics in 2005. 
We found she was the director of a city firm which went bust in 1992, owing £537,581 – including £67,977 to the Inland Revenue. 
Mrs Rudd was also a "corporate advisor" at a biodegradable plastics firm during a failed "major expansion" that was later criticised as being “too swift”. That firm went into liquidation owing £4.8million, mostly to shareholders. 
And she also set up a financial services company which was shut down in the High Court over its £1.2million debts, including to the taxman.
At about the same time the Guardian was reporting that:
Amber Rudd is facing growing calls to clarify the extent of her involvement in tax havens following the Guardian’s disclosure that she had been a director of two companies in the Bahamas.

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