Monday, May 08, 2017

Six of the Best 689

"In my first general election the Liberal Party’s policy was that employees and shareholders should have equal rights to share the profits of an enterprise and the determination of a company’s direction. This was no wishy-washy Theresa May proposal to allow one token employee to sit on a Board. This was full blown industrial democracy." Iain Brodie Brown says this is one of the distinctive ideas that Liberal Democrats can bring to a progressive alliance.

Dave Gorman argues that "the ownership of public assets should be transferred from the state to the public".

It doesn't take a dictator to smother a free press say Jakub Dymek and Zsolt Kapelner looking at developments in Hungary and Poland.

"In 2006, David Cameron gave a speech in which he said that Google was democratizing the world, because 'making more information available to more people' was providing 'the power for anyone to hold to account those who in the past might have had a monopoly of power.' Seven years later, Britain’s Conservative Party scrubbed from its Web site ten years’ worth of Tory speeches, including that one." Jill Lepore asks if the internet can be archived.

Peter Kinderman says everyone is crazy but nobody is mentally ill.

Robin Le Mesurier (the son of John Le Mesurier and Hattie Jacques) remembers he was a Womble, talking to Adrian Lee.

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