Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Six of the Best 695

Peter Sloman makes an important point: "If centre-left politicians are ever to regain support for progressive and internationalist policies, they will have to find new ways of engaging with provincial Britain – with its economic needs, its sense of place, and its estrangement from the corridors of power."

"Every day in Dacre’s paper, the people who make up the population of Britain, the people who teach your children and bandage your wounds, drive your trains or clean your floors, are described as aliens and forgers and scum." Andrew O'Hagan skewers the Daily Mail and its editor.

CNN and Fox News were wrong to show so much footage of screaming teens after the Manchester Arena bombing, argues Will Oremus.

Denis Fischbacher-Smith reports on the collapse of British Airways' IT systems.

Dawn Scott explains how foxes have adapted to life in the cities we have built around them.

Andy Peake - son of Market Harborough, top division footballer and police officer - is interviewed by John Hutchinson.

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