Saturday, May 13, 2017

Six of the Best 691

"Ever since she took over from David Cameron last summer, she has spoken as if Britain is a nation harmoniously united, aside from the divisive forces of party politics and liberal elites seeking to thwart the 'will of the people.'" William Davies dissects Theresa May's vapid vision of a one-party state.

Bernard Aris looks at the history of internationalism in the Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats.

The privatisation of the Forensic Science Service in 2010 has brought about a crisis in the criminal justice system, argues Jerry Hayes.

Bethlem Museum of the Mind on the rumour of a Petition of the Poor Distracted Folk of Bedlam from 1620.

Northamptonshire Britain's Best Surprise visits Kelmarsh Hall, which is down the road from here. I shall go back this summer to see the exhibition of artwork by MacDonald (brother of Eric) Gill.

"The presence of the 'slick, flashy' Spivs gave post-war British cinema an excuse to make their own version of the 1930s Hollywood gangster movies – still loved and regularly watched by much of the UK cinema audiences after the war." Rob Baker looks at this genre of films.

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