Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Six of the Best 688

"Keep in mind that these are local elections. Lots of independents are standing. Lots of local issues are in play. Voters will vote tactically, and in ways that they might not when choosing a Prime Minister." Glen O'Hara tells us what to look for in the results of Thursday's local elections.

Why do parties deliver so many leaflets at election time? Mark Pack has the answer.

Hattie Hartman suggests ways of making London greener with the millions that will not now be spent on the Garden Bridge.

"What we are left with is a picaresque, very silly, fragmented film that is, if nothing else, a real time capsule of London circa 1969." James Gent on The Magic Christian.

"Folk horror, which is the subject of a new season at the Barbican, presents the dark dreams Britain has of itself." Michael Newton discusses the revival of a film genre.

Eddie Procter explores the rhiws of the Black Mountains, as I did myself when walking the Offa's Dyke Path many 30 years ago.

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