Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Six of the Best 690

Conservative member Peter Reynolds says Theresa May is not strong and stable but cowardly, evasive and weak.

"This divorce is not going well. And the proceedings have only just started. There is a long road ahead. Heaven knows what sort of country we will be at the end of it. But, as with any divorce, we can be fairly confident that it is the children who will suffer the most." Chris Patten on what Brexit means for Britain's future.

Leonard Pozner, whose son Noah died at Sandy Hook, writes about dealing with the conspiracy theorists and hoaxers who have taunted him ever since,

Is it time do divorce Facebook? Mark Pesce asks the question.

A London Inheritance on his father's experience of VE Day.

Dirty South introduces us to Battersea and its pubs.

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