Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Liberal Democrat membership hits a record high

Today the Liberal Democrats announced on their website that the party has hit its highest ever number of members, exceeding the previous high of 101,768 members set back in 1994.

The website also says:
In the two weeks since the general election was called, more than 14,000 new members have joined us. 
Since last year’s European referendum, more than 50,000 members have joined; making nearly 70,000 since the 2015 general election.
If you fancy becoming member yourself, you can join the Liberal Democrats online.

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Anonymous said...

The tragedy of all this is that if Clegg had not gone into coalition with the Tories, the Liberal Democrats would be in a great position to become the main opposition at this election. Labour are in rapid retreat in the cities, but following the coalition there is no Liberal force ready to mop up those seats...