Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The sheer bloody uselessness of Jeremy Corbyn

The problem with Jeremy Corbyn is not his left-wing politics, The problem is that he is no good as a leader.

On the great issue facing the country - Brexit - he has managed to convince Leavers that he supports Remain and convince Remainers that he supports Leave.

We saw that in microcosm today.

This morning he announced that the issue of Brexit is "settled", dismaying those of us who hope Britain will yet escapte this self-inflicted disaster.

This afternoon he refused seven times to say he would definitely take Britain out of the EU, dismaying those who still believe Brexit is the cat's pyjamas.

And then there is the inept way he and his team handle the media. This goes right back to the night he was elected Labour leader and that grim-faced silent walk as journalists tried to interview him.

Today he told Buzzfeed News that he would stay on as Labour leader if he lost the election. Then he denied to the BBC that he had done so and Buzzfeed were banned from Labour events.

Sure enough, Buzzfeed was able to produce a recording of Corbyn saying just what it reported he had.

So don't see Corbyn as a socialist martyr, See him as a bloody useless leader.

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Frank Little said...

Well said. I initially welcomed Labour's choice as filling a vaccuum. Corbyn seemed to be an authentic voice for socialism, something which has been missing from the senior ranks of the Labour party for years if not decades. Sadly, from his public pronouncements nothing can be gleaned about what he really stands for.