Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The general election campaign must resume tomorrow

It was right that there should have been a pause in the general election today, but it must resume tomorrow.

A longer pause - some have even suggested we should wait six days - would hand ISIS a propaganda victory and encourage further outrages at election time.

It would also suggest that we do not hold our democratic traditions very dear if our first reaction at a time of national distress is to abandon them.

The campaign so far has been dull, but the right to be bored by democratic politics was dearly won and should not be discarded.

Later: From Liberal Democrat Voice:
The party is advising candidates tonight that, while national campaigning remains suspended, local campaigning can resume tomorrow.

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Phil Beesley said...

Following the suspension of election campaigns, there are no election news.

Following the suspension of terrorism related news -- for which there might be a reason -- there are no news.

No pig made a run for it, so far. If you don't want to become bacon, show us your heels.

Go for it, porkies. Run, run.