Friday, April 26, 2019

Conservatives suspend Leicestershire council candidate

Yesterday the Guardian had an article on Conservative council candidates who have been suspended over "racist and inflammatory posts".

Here's one of them:
Robin Popley, 28, who is standing for the Conservatives in Leicestershire as a candidate in the Charnwood borough and Shepshed town council elections for Shepshed East, has endorsed Facebook posts suggesting Sajid Javid was appointed home secretary to secure “the ethnic vote” and criticising Prince Harry for having a relationship with “a divorcee of mixed race”. 
Popely “liked” a post that read: “I had a lot of time for Harry however his choice is way off. A divorcee of mixed race ‘actress’ who has shown her ass on HBO does not fill the bill to be royal imo [in my opinion]. This just makes a mockery of everything the Royal Family and Traditionalists stand for.” 
He “loved” another post made criticising the appointment of Javid which read: “It’s an appointment aimed at securing the ethnic vote. Purely cynical tactic from May. It should be on merit, not skin colour.”
BBC News has since confirmed that Popley has been suspended from party.

Popley has protected his tweets, but there is still plenty about him online. Notably an article where he claims to be a High Tory.

Really? If you are a High Tory then reverence for the Royal Family is pretty much at the top of your list of beliefs.

As so often - see my post on Brexit - people claiming to be Conservative have little understanding of what Conservatism is.

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