Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Six of the Best 863

David V. Johnson defends Mill's On Liberty in an age of conspiracy theories.

"Several anecdotal reports have highlighted the increased community cohesion resulting from both the organisation process on a street and the ‘playing out’ sessions themselves. The University of Bristol study found both a strengthening of existing connections and building new connections between neighbours." Alice Ferguson on the benefits brought by the 'playing out' movement.

Barb Drummond offers a cultural history of the scarecrow, taking in Henry Williamson, Traffic and the Watersons.

"Nothing like it had ever been seen on BBC television and even the natives, already familiar with the more surreal reaches of British comedy on BBC radio, took a while to adjust to this new kind of visual humour in which nothing was too sacred to be lampooned." Clive Irving attends the birth of Monty Python.

Before Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris (and long before Steven Soderbergh's) there was an adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s novel on Russian television, reports Michael Brooke.

Notts Lit takes us on a tour of D.H. Lawrence's Nottingham.


nigel hunter said...

Reading about playing out brings back the days when I played in the streets and on one occasion being clouted around the ear for having a policeman having to bring me back home from playing on the school roof (1950s)!!. Cobbled Streets to wide open spaces where 'us kids' played cowboys and Indians , doctors and nurses etc. Plenty of fresh air. Today's children miss so much .It is time to bring back imagination and creativity More needs to be done on changing the situation.

nigel hunter said...

more thoughts from yesterday. Able to ride my bicycle in the wide open country,more fresh air . The things I have written about hide the facts that my immune system got used to all sorts of germs which helped my to 'acclimatise' to everyday illnesses.Also the balanced diet left over from the war years held me in good stead. Today their is too much fear and feather bedding highlighted in the press etc It restricts children from having curiosity, exploration ,learning becoming a positive person