Sunday, April 07, 2019

Pip Blom: Daddy Issues

Pip Blom is the name both of this Dutch band and its lead singer.

Eve Garner met them at Hebden Bridge Trades Club:
Although this is Pip’s project, it’s clear that this is a team – listening to one another attentively and respectfully challenging one another’s points of view. On stage, that friendship is present; they wind each other up and laugh as if they’re sharing private jokes. The music itself is high-energy and fun-spirited with pithy lyrics and punchy melodies. The gig is sold out, but it doesn’t seem to faze any of them. 
Darek, the bassist, tinkers with the piano in the corner whilst Tender – Pip’s brother – and guitarist tests my microphone levels and Gini gets the beers out of the fridge.

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