Monday, April 15, 2019

Six of the Best 862

Rachel Reeves celebrates the way women MPs have transformed politics,

The Conservatives - in government and beyond - have stopped thinking about economics, says.Stian Westlake.

"Despite the internal divisions he did keep his Party together. There was the impressive fourth election victory in 1992, and he revived the party’s social agenda. The economy grew continuously, and he bequeathed one of the best economic legacies to his successors." Kevin Hickson and Ben Williams argue that John Major's premiership deserves more credit than it is usually given.

"Asian parents do their utmost and hammer a sense of worth and an unrivalled work ethic into their children because of the graft it took to get to these shores and knowing the fundamental truth that the quickest way to be accepted into a native culture is to be valuable to them. Be a doctor. Be an engineer. Be a Test match opener." Vithushan Ehantharajah on the fall and rise of Haseeb Hameed.

James Parker deciphers the mystery of Joy Division.

Anne McLean follows the adventures of a young Victorian trainspotter: "The beautifully composed photographs are complemented by a set of letters written by George to his brother James in the mid-1890s. These tell us that his hobby outside school hours was photographing locomotives, especially the most modern ones for the time."

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