Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Britain after Brexit: Jonathan Meades foresees fuel rationing and deserted villages ruled by feral animals

The great man has a piece in the Guardian imagining Brexit Britain in 2029:
After Brexit, the credulous became suspicious. Word spread. These were the years of the Great Revelation that began with the realisation that although the street names had been changed to honour the Martyrs of Nationalism (Banks Avenue, Farage Square, Fox Passage, Analytica Crescent, Dacre Meadows, Redwood Close) Britain remained the very place they voted to get away from – but worse, far worse, now transformed, indigent and in a state of advanced deterioration and festering decrepitude. 
Rationed electricity and gas, carburant shortages and vehicles left where they were when the fuel ran out, corned beef and Spam without the key to the tin, abandoned hospitals, ruinous infrastructure, bailiffs everywhere, deserted villages ruled by feral animals, foreclosed houses booby-trapped against squatters.
Sounds about right.

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