Sunday, April 07, 2019

Salman Rushdie claims 'handsy' Margaret Thatcher 'groped' him in private meeting

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The judges are unanimous: the Mirror wins Headline of the Day.

Incidentally, Maggie has previous. Here's the late Christopher Hitchens:
It happened in the course of an exchange of views about Rhodesia in the late fall of 1977, when she was still leader of the opposition and was pandering to the racists in her party and the electorate. 
Influenced perhaps by the fact that we were meeting in the Rosebery Room of the House of Lords, I made the mistake of bowing as if to acknowledge some point of hers, and she took swift advantage of my posture by shrieking, "Bow lower!" and plying the document above mentioned. 
Like the British electorate, now shaking itself after more than a decade of Thatcherite pouvoir, I often look back wistfully upon that spanking in the hope of decoding its significance.

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