Monday, April 29, 2019

Widnes–Runcorn Transporter Bridge in 1960

Wikipedia explains:
The Widnes–Runcorn Transporter Bridge crossed the river Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal linking the towns of Runcorn and Widnes. Completed in 1905, it was Britain's first transporter bridge and the largest of its type ever built in the world.It continued in use until 22 July 1961, when it was replaced by a through arch bridge, now known as the Silver Jubilee Bridge. The transporter bridge was then demolished.
This footage was shot at the very end of its life.


Barry Snelson said...

I remember it well and travelled on it many times as a child. I didn't manage to spot my (much, much) younger self though.

Unknown said...

On banks of the Mersey, over on Cheshire side, lies Runcirn that's best known to fame
By Transporter bridge that takes folks across, and ferries them back across same.
In days before transporter bridge were put up, a ferryboat lay in the slip
And old Ted the boatman would take folks across, at per tuppence per person per trip.
Now Runcorn lay on one side of stream, and Widnes on t'other side stood
And as no-one wanted to go neither place, the business weren't any too good.
One day to Ted's superlative surprise, three customers came into view,
A Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom it was, and Albert their little son, too......