Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Now the Queen is a Remoaner traitor

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The other day I suggested that when Brexit goes sour or fails to happen it will all be the fault of the liberals, the Remoaners:
Theresa May, the House of Lords, Jeremy Corbyn, the BBC, the Irish, the abolition of National Service, immigration, trendy teaching methods, decimal currency, the decline of proper wet fish shops, unelected Eurocrats, elected Eurocrats and Gary Lineker.
It seems I left someone off the list:
I love the "we" here.

Still, Lilico does have one ally. Step forward a former Ukip leadership candidate:
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceIf she really expected the Queen to refuse royal assent to the Cooper and Letwin's  EU Withdrawal (No.5) Act this is more evidence for the theory that one of the problems we face today is that many of our politicians are thick as mince.

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