Thursday, July 04, 2019

Former Shrewsbury Ukip candidate claims he was spied on by MI5

It's like I always say: the Shropshire Star has the best stories.
Shropshire UKIP activists were targeted by MI5 spooks during the 2001 general election campaign, according to a new book written by one of the party's candidates.
Henry Curteis, whose autobiography encompasses the worlds of politics, business, and the paranormal, claims that MI5 bugged phones, tried to infiltrate the local party, and the State intercepted UKIP's mail in Shrewsbury. 
He says that, exhausted at the end of the campaign – he came fourth in the Shrewsbury & Atcham seat with 1,620 votes – he went on a long holiday to Italy, only to discover somebody had been sent to tail him.
That result suggests the deep state need not have worried too much about Mr Curteis.

Mr Curteis's book grew out of a wish to set down the stories about a friend called Dickie Major. Very Ukip,

But he joined the Conservative Party soon after the spooks had thwarted his attempt to win Shrewsbury.

By 2003 he was leading an attempt do deselect Michael Portillo in Kensington and Chelsea.

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