Saturday, July 20, 2019

Postal votes in Lib Dem leadership election split "almost 50-50"

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Rob Merrick, deputy political editor of the Independent, writes:
The Liberal Democrat leadership race is on a knife-edge with postal votes cast splitting "almost 50-50" between Jo Swinson and Sir Ed Davey, The Independent has learned.
The figures were described as “a major surprise” by a source at the party’s headquarters - given Ms Swinson has been the odds-on favourite to win the contest on Monday. 
So it's a two-horse race.

All the Twitter polls I have seen have shown Jo in lead, but Twitter users may not be typical of the party as a whole.

And even there, I have the impression that Ed has made up ground as the campaign has gone on.


crewegwyn said...

In my interweb "circle" I'm struggling to find anyone who has voted for Jo.


Paul barker said...

Surely the point about Postal Votes in this context is that they are not online & as such, likely to over represent Older Members. Given the age difference between Ed & Jo, isn't it possible that Older Members are more likely to vote for Ed than the membership as a whole ?

theakes said...

Postal votes are only verified, they are not seen. What is going on?