Sunday, July 21, 2019

Six of the Best 877

Layla Moran writes for the Guardian: "Genuine supporters of Palestinians’ rights are fighting for equality, justice and freedom, aims that are in diametric opposition to any form of antisemitism. True champions of these causes both fight for Palestinian rights and also against any form of racism, including antisemitism."

"Liberalism’s main problem is that its vision of a life well lived has been corrupted - not by too much licence and self-expression, but by an overemphasis on economic freedom that has undercut its own promise." Samuel Moyn channels Edwardian New Liberalism.

Chris Dillow explains the rise of Jeremy Corbyn: "His popularity - especially with young graduates - rests upon material economic conditions. The degradation of professional occupations and huge gap between the top 1% and others have radicalised young people in erstwhile middle-class jobs".

Sarah Winman and Rachel Ferriman visit the Canal Club in Bethnal Green, a community space under threat from Tower Hamlets Council.

Turning roadside verges into wild flower meadows is an appealing idea, but Sophie Leguil is worried by the sowing of non-native species.

Tim Holyoake has been to Rutland Water (and will be hearing from Lord Bonkers' lawyers in the morning).

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