Sunday, July 21, 2019

Market Harborough is the most liveable place in England

Market Harborough comes out top of a league table of the most 'liveable' places in England, reports the Guardian.

The table was produced by the former Treasury economist, Chris Walker for Your Housing Group.

Positions were calculated by balancing the affordability of homes with factors like employment opportunities and the performance of local schools.

I recall that, years ago, David Boyle produced a report on 'clone town' Britain - the way that every high street is now home to the same chains.

Market Harborough was mentioned as being on the cusp. It had the national chains, but had retained a lot of independent local shops too.

That is, of course, the best place to be, but the problem is that such a state of equilibrium is hard to maintain. But somehow we have defied economic gravity and kept that perfect mix.

The Guardian is suitably euphoric about Market Harborough, but the Old Grammar School, despite what it says, is neither a covered market nor a museum.

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