Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Six of the Best 878

Delivering Focus is good for the brain and cheaper than gym membership, argues Geoff Reid.

Alex Marshall rediscovers Boris Johnson's forgotten novel: "Sonia Purnell, a former colleague of Johnson’s at The Daily Telegraph who has written a biography of him, said 'Seventy-Two Virgins' had proved invaluable to her research. 'He is a very secretive person, but he allows glimpses of himself.'"

Woodstock’s 50th anniversary is involving a surprising degree of litigiousness, reveals Kenzie Bryant.

Ameila Bryant looks at the fashion for buying up and developing old camera films.

"From its opening moments, with Leonard Bernstein’s interpretation of Britten’s 'The Young Person’s Guide to The Orchestra' to the very end, with 'Cuckoo' from 'Songs from "Friday Afternoons," Op. 7,' Britten’s music permeates the score." David Salazar considers the composer's influence on Wes Anderson's film Moonrise Kingdom.

Simon Lavery reads Catch-22 for the first time.

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