Sunday, July 07, 2019

Jon Pertwee: "A sort of British icon"

To celebrate Jon Pertwee's 100th birthday, Matthew Sweet chats to 'Gotham' star Sean Pertwee about his father's legacy as the third Doctor. The two of them were filming for an upcoming box set.

I can also recommend the documentary about Jon Pertwee's career that Sean has narrated for BBC Radio 4. Catch it while it is available.

Jon Pertwee was my Doctor and it was a great era, though Roger Delgado and the Brigadier had a great deal to do with that too.

Worzel Gummidge was also wonderful - at once comforting and unsettling.

I remember liking The Navy Lark as a small boy and it is now a staple of BBC Radio 4 Extra. I struggle with it today, but it is clear the audience was having a whale of a time.

Pertwee, who taught escape techniques for naval intelligence during the war, was a remarkable man and part of a remarkable generation.

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