Friday, July 05, 2019

Phil Bennion MEP at the Three Tuns, Bishop's Castle

Phil Bennion, newly returned as a Liberal Democrat MEP for the West Midlands, was the guest speaker at a Bishop's Castle Lib Dems lunch today.

Naturally, it was held at the Three Tuns.

The Shropshire Star tells us what he said:
"Leaving the single market would have profound consequences. Most of our economy has been built around the single market for 30 years, from manufacturing to farming. 
"Losing our biggest market will cause a glut of lamb, so the price will collapse, meaning sheep farmers will soon go bankrupt. Dairy will also be severely affected. 
"Farmers will not be able to sell very much if they have to pay a 40 per cent export tariff. If we Brexit without a replacement for the Single Farm Payment, livelihoods will be gone. And if you read Michael Gove's Agriculture Bill, as I have, you will see that no replacement is intended."
He said much more, so do read the report in the Star.

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