Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Six of the Best 876

"This is the ideal policy – it requires no increase in public spending, but can make a real difference to the lives of low income families. We should be campaigning for this in England." Simon McGrath is delighted by Kirsty Williams' new guidance on school uniforms in Wales.

Jonathan Wallace shares his leaflet for Thursday's police and crime commissioner by-election in Northumbria.

"It’s exactly the same concerns people had when we introduced the weekend or the eight-hour workday. But the world didn’t collapse in on itself then - and it won’t now." Francois Badenhorst examines the case for a four-day working week.

Gregory H. Shill on the struggle against automobile supremacy in the USA.

"This cult of Stalker began in the USSR in the years after the film’s completion and limited release, when Stalker was the closest Soviet culture came to a punk aesthetic." Robert Bird on the later career of what is now Tarkovsky's most influential film.

Graham Appleton reviews Curlew Moon by Mary Colwell.

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