Friday, July 05, 2019

Six of the Best 873

"Somewhat to my surprise, I’ve voted for Ed Davey to be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats." Tim Holyoake explains why.

Ruby Chow attended the ALDC's three-day Kickstart event in Staffordshire.

Jennifer Williams is a superb writer: "It is a place where a strong identity fights to flourish under layer upon layer of economic bad fortune. Consequently, Oldham’s experience can tell us an awful lot about the ferocious currents swirling through our national politics."

"Massive reforestation isn’t a pipe dream and it can have real benefits for people," say Mark Maslin and Simon Lewis.

"The value of play is not in the added value it brings though, it’s in the sense of freedom and fun that it has itself. In a time when young people (and their teachers) are being measured more and more both students and school staff really need some kind of counterbalance." Lucy Maddox makes the case for playtime at school and beyond.

Sarah Larson makes filming with Jim Jarmusch sound a lot of fun.

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