Sunday, November 22, 2020

Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young... and Tom Jones: Long Time Gone

Here, less than a month after playing Woodstock, are Crosby, Still, Nash and Young on Tom Jones's television show.

As Dangerous Minds says:

Given that nearly five decades have passed since this was taped, it’s actually pretty amazing. Nothing to be ashamed of, certainly. 

Tom Jones and his show might’ve been seen as somewhat “square” by the rockstar standards of CSNY - Nash would’ve been acquainted with the Welsh singer from his days in the Hollies, no doubt - but the man’s mighty lungs inspire the rest of them to keep up, it must be said. 

I love how (an obviously manic) Stephen Stills rises to the occasion with his, er, intense vocal contribution near the end. Bassist Greg Reeves might’ve only been fifteen years old when this was shot - look at how skinny he was - and that’s Dallas Taylor on drums. 

You’ll note how the expression on Young’s face goes from one of disdain/"What am I doing here?" to "This fucking rocks" about halfway through. The goofy expression on Croz’s mug needs no further explanation.

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