Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tony Greaves on rebuilding the Lib Dems - and how we may disappear if we get it wrong

It's difficult to find anyone with more liberal blood running through their veins than Tony Greaves, says an interview in the Yorkshire Post.

The Lib Dem peer talks about his career in the Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats and then gives his view on what the Lib Dems must do now to rebuild:

"The party's grassroots operation is nothing like it was 20-25 years ago.

"But it is still there in substantial factions, where it exists, and that is what is going to give the party the chance to rebuild.

"And if the party doesn't do it that way and throws it away, then I think the party will disappear."


Jack Graham said...

"And if the party doesn't do it that way and throws it away, then I think the party will disappear."

It won't disappear, it will always be a constituency for the holier than thou, wealthy, generally public sector or academia middle classes.

What has already disappeared is its relevance to the other 95% of the population. It is no longer a party wanting to serve the British population as it stands, but one where its loyalties and policy platforms have internationalist aims, are influenced by the views of what appear large numbers of international members and supporters. It no longer feels the need or responsibility to put the interests of British citizens first, and for a party that thinks like that there is no future other than as an introspective sounding board for minority views at the expense of the majority..

Alex Macfie said...

Most academics and public sector workers are not particularly wealthy, and they comprise rather more than 5% of the UK population. Most of these "international" people are also British citizens. In a representative democracy, the "5%", whoever they happen to be, should have a voice as well as the majority. As a small party there is no point in the Lib Dems trying to be an "all things to all people" party or a clone of the two big parties. The party would not be credible, and besides there is no policy platform that is ever going to unite 95% of the popuation.
If you are going to gripe about wealthy elites controlling policy, perhaps you should best look at the present government, consisting as it does of extremely wealthy Old Etonians and run as a chumocracy. This illiberal elite has got a massive con act going, pretending to speak for ordinary people while painting the liberal non-elite (as most of us are) as some sort of elite conspiracy. They also try to whip up populist hysteria by invoking certain "wedge issues" that the public, left to themselves, don't really care that much about (for instance, on-one outside the right-wing political commentariat ever talks about so-called "cultural Marxism"). Fortunately right-wing populism can be defeated, as just seen in the US.

nigel hunter said...

Also Eton. Portillo 'defending' it points out on Broadcasting House (RADIO 4) that the institution is not male orientated .He is then asked about the 'pupils' ,They are all male, It is a mysoginists club of the REAL ELITE and maintain there position by the structure they have built to 'divide and conquer ' the majority to maintain the status quo to their advantage.
They think they have a devine right to rule but can be defeated as in the US at the moment. THEY ARE SORE LOSERS