Friday, November 27, 2020

Six of the Best 979

Stuart Crawford asks if Scottish independence could save the Liberal Democrats.

Jonathan Lis argues that the British public would have more respect for the government if it owned up to its many mistakes and explains why it can never do so.

ITV never recovered from Margaret Thatcher's reaction to its documentary Death on the Rock, says David Elstein.

"School lunches are not just about food and cafeterias. The topic touches upon wellbeing, health, social issues, education, farming and agriculture, the environment, politics, parenting and more." Rebeca Plantier is right.

"The main cast is rounded out by two extraordinary child actors, Martin Stephens and Pamela Franklin, who manage to appear both sinister and vulnerable; and the beloved character actress Megs Jenkins, as kindly, illiterate housekeeper Mrs. Grose (she played Mrs Grose again in a 1974 adaptation.) All are excellent, but it’s Stephens who turns in the most dominant performance in the crucial role of Miles. He is a brilliant actor; unfortunately he didn’t continue his acting career into adulthood. The cinematic world grieves." Jane Nightshade  looks back at possibly the best cinematic ghost story ever made, 1961's The Innocents.

Lee Thacker looks at  Anthony Newley's ground-breaking television comedy series The Strange World Of Gurney Slade: "Having been given a prime time slot at 8:35pm on a Saturday night, hopes must have been high that the series would be a hit, after 12.5 million people tuned in; however, this dropped by a third for the next episode, and the remainder of the run was unceremoniously shunted to post-11pm."


nigel hunter said...

The tories will,no doubt, blame the public for not obeying the rules if after the Christmas hols there is a spike in the virus.
It will be interesting to see the results of Mays elections assuming they go ahead.That is unless the Tories opinion polls show they will take a big hit in which case they will try to delay them'

nigel hunter said...

My interpretation of the greens are of a socialist, populist party that fit the present mood of the country. Along with this is the ever increasing emphasis on the environment that has equally hit the headlines at the right time for them. As a party we should be giving greater emphasis to our green credentials that go back farther than the greens when we were thought of as cranks.

nigel hunter said...

The ITV article reminds me,just a little bit,about Liz Truss and her 'great deal' she has made with Japan where Emily Thornberry destroyed the 'sensitive' material of this deal showing how poor it was.The sort of thing that the secretive unit inside Michael Goves Cabinet Office wants to hide not to mention any cover ups that may happen due to 'covert police or secret service activities.

nigel hunter said...

The article on school food opens up many avenues for the LibDems to explore,not least farmers supplying local food to the schools and indeed schools growing their own food.
At one time Hospital Institutions used to both grow their own food AND ran their own farms both for therapy and food.Is it not time to bring back those possibilities?

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for all the comments, Nigel.