Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Six of the Best 972

Garry Kasparov says we must prepare for the worst from Donald Trump: "We cannot know exactly what Trump will do in these final days, only that whatever it is, he will be thinking only of himself. If he declares victory on election night, regardless of the uncounted ballots, what then? What if he calls the entire election a fraud, a hoax, and demands that the counting stop? Or if armed Trump supporters heed his call to intimidate voters at the polls? What if he takes to Twitter with "LIBERATE AMERICA!" and his MAGA zealots respond?"

"In Nebraska I walked the main street of a former town district where the street and the curbs and the lines for angle parking were still there, but the rest of the place was just foundations and neatly tended grass. In western Kansas I drove through a boarded-up town with a sign along the highway asking passersby to pray for the town." Ian Frazier calls on the Democrats to reconnect with rural America.

Political decision-making is failing our urban green spaces, argue Nicola Dempsey and Julian Dobson.

Corinne Silva and Val Williams are studying the collaboration between the local history pioneer W.G. Hoskins and the photographer F.L. Attenborough (father of Richard and David): "Attenborough ... depicted the remoteness of the Leicestershire Hills and the edge of Rutland, the expanses of heathland, fragmented buildings, and the ridges and furrows of medieval farming."

A sensitive young rebel before James Dean and a 'Method' man before Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift has a complicated legacy. But why isn't he remembered like those burning out young and beautiful? Brogan Morris investigates.

Manfred Mann remembers the kindness of Burt Bacharach.

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