Monday, November 16, 2020

Six of the Best 976

James Belchamber explains why Liberalism is left wing - and why it matters.

"With little support and no counselling, the survivors nonetheless took up the threads of their lives and wove a new existence. News of Sutcliffe’s capture and his conviction came as an overwhelming relief, but the damage done to the women’s reputations as a result of institutional sexism brought agonies of their own." Carol Ann Lee looks at what happened to the women who survive attacks by Peter Sutcliffe.

David Hencke looks at the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse's report on the Roman Catholic Church: "It suggests that while the Church may have put in structures to deal with the issue there was no real compassionate commitment from the top of the Church to act."

The 2020 US election has turned a divided nation into a place of protests, violence and fury, says Ian Birrell.

"She is almost unrecognisable in the lead role, swapping her usual sexually alluring look for plain prison clothes and unwashed hair. Her performance is a tour de force, the highlight of her fascinating acting career." Anna Cale reviews a Blu-ray release of the 1956 film Yield to the Night - Diana Dors's finest hour.

Was Louie, Louie the dirtiest song of the Sixties? Anwen Crawford investigates.

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