Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Six of the Best 978

"It’s not clear where the Lib Dems go following Davey’s listening tour. While the credibilist, managerialist approach has won internally for now, it remains to be seen whether this approach will buck the trend and unlock good election results for the party in 2021 and beyond. It seems the divide between credibilists and those who want a values-led approach will remain." William Barter identifies a fault line within the Liberal Democrats.

"A genuine attempt at reforming the 'wiring' of the British state would require taking the kind of systems-approach that Cummings waxes lyrical about and applying it to the entire system of policy design and delivery; looking at the relationships between central and local government as well as the proliferation of non-elected regional bodies and the private sector. This is, of course, conceptually, and practically, much harder than pretending you can solve the problem by hiring a few misfits into Downing Street and setting exams for civil servants." Sam Freedman argues that Dominic Cummings never got to grips with the means needed to deliver his ends.

Antony Blinken, who will be Joe Biden's secretary of state, talks about Russia, Putin and Donald Trump.

Neil Woods, who was himself an undercover detective, on the dangers of the government's new bill on covert intelligence.

"And then there’s I’m Not In Love. I once met a guy who told me when he first heard it … Well, I hoped he was going to say, 'it was the best song ever.' Nope, he said his marriage broke up!" Kevin Godley reminisces with We Are Cult.

TV Cream celebrates the career of Des O'Connor.

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nigel hunter said...

William Barters article is very thoughtful. Is there a way that BOTH ideas can be welded together to make a future movement.?
His article on Star Trek, which I have watched more than once, reminds me of when I questioned who I was,what I believed in,a wandering in the wilderness sort of thing.The more I watch the programme I see the way I would like humanity to progress.