Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Telford people outnumbered by rats as lockdown boosts rodent population

This worrying effort from the Shropshire Star wins our Headline of the Day Award.

The judges also appreciated the precision of the story's first paragraph:

Residents in Telford are now outnumbered by rats as lockdown has boosted their population to 358,616, according to a pest control company.


crewegwyn said...

Does that caption really say Horsehay & Dawlish? Hell of a walk to Dawlish! (Yes, I know it's a typo for Dawley. At least I hope it is.)

Jonathan Calder said...

Not any more it doesn't.

The gas was on in the Institute,
The flare was up in the gym,
A man was running a mineral line,
A lass was singing a hymn,
When Captain Webb the Dawley man,
Captain Webb from Dawley,
Came swimming along the old canal
That carried the bricks to Lawley.