Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Another song about the Jeremy Thorpe trial: Jeremy Is Innocent by Rex Barker and the Ricochets

It's been a good day today. Not only has it been much cooler, but I have discovered a second song about the trial of Jeremy Thorpe.

Rex Barker And the Ricochets is a pseudonym for the artist also known as Doc Cox and Ivor Biggun. Under the last name he released records that he calculated would be banned by the BBC and thus become irresistible to 13-year-old boys across the country.

In my day we had Judge Dread.

Let's be honest: Jeremy is Innocent is not a patch on the similarly named Jeremy Thorpe is Innocent by The Surprises. But I'm still glad it exists.

And not just because Doc Cox was a near neighbour of the Liberator editorial collective when I joined it in the 1980s.

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