Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The Great Market Harborough Bungalow Mystery makes the new Private Eye

Rotten Boroughs in the new Private Eye has picked up the story about secrecy at Harborough District Council that I recently mentioned on this blog.

In that post I quoted the Leicester Mercury:

Harborough District Council came under fire last year over a decision to buy a bungalow, in Granville Street, Market Harborough, for £920,000 when property website Zoopla had it valued at an estimated £303,000.

The council said at the time the purchase was to enable an affordable housing development in the area at nearby Naseby Square. An internal audit into the Naseby Square scheme has now been completed but the council is refusing to share the findings with the majority of its elected representatives.

As Private Eye says, it's all very odd.

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