Monday, July 11, 2022

Public meeting to protest against plans for second prison outside Market Harborough

A public meeting to protest against the government's plan to build a second prison outside Market Harborough is being held in the town on Friday15 July.

It takes place at the Jubilee Hall, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough, beginning at 6.45 in the evening.

The plans would see a new "super prison" - Gartree 2 - built next to the existing Gartree prison, which is likely see an increase in capacity.

Campaigners are worried about the pressure this will put on the town's environment and infrastructure.

Harborough District Council councillors turned down the Ministry of Justice's planning application, not wanting a supposed national need for more prison places to overrule the council's local plan.

But the MOJ has lodged an appeal and a public inquiry will be held before the Planning Inspectorate makes its decision.

According to the Leicester Mercury, the campaigners fear that preliminary work has already begun on the site.


Phil Beesley said...

Having followed this story on local press, I don't have a strong opinion. Prisons have to be built somewhere and there are no strong reasons against this one.

'Campaigners are worried about the pressure this will put on the town's environment and infrastructure.'

I dislike this argument. The prison will be out of town.

I love this witless quote from a different story:"
"This means local people would have the chance of a career in the criminal justice system."

Jonathan Calder said...

But do we need a new "super prison"? Why does Gartree need to be expanded?

More when I find out the reasoning.