Monday, July 18, 2022

Boris Johnson to hold latest wedding at Bonkers Hall?

You will remember that most scholars now accept that the model for Bonkers Hall is Nevill Holt Hall in Leicestershire.

This makes the Prufrock column in The Times all the more interesting. 

It begins with speculation about who will get a gong in Boris Johnson's Defenestration Honours List:

Westminster types wonder if the Carphone Warehouse co-founder, David Ross, could finally be recognised for his dutiful friendship with the Johnsons. The Grimsby tycoon famously facilitated the couple’s use of a free holiday pad in Mustique, resulting in the PM getting a dressing down by MPs.

Prufrock then continues:

Speculation is swirling that Ross will host their wedding at his Nevill Holt estate in Leicestershire now Chequers is no longer available. It wouldn’t be the first time. Word is Ross lent them...

At that point the paywall kicks in, which is frustrating as I don't suppose that sentence ends "...ten bob to see them through the week".

Nevill Holt, incidentally, used to be a boys' prep school. It closed after a police raid.

There is a website devoted to that scandal, though much of the content comes from comments left on this blog.

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