Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Against adultification and "adultification"

There's a worrying report in the Guardian today about the way black children not treated as children when they encounter the police and legal system:

black girls are often not seen as children, but rather as "hypersexual beings". Black girls are perceived as being more responsible for their actions, more emotionally strong and more knowledgeable about sex.

Equally, young black teenage boys who are exploited by criminals are treated as offenders rather than as in need of help.

But that word. "Adultification" has six syllables. If you are looking to raise public awareness of this problem, then find a better way of talking about it.

And the word is so abstract, which maybe reflects a more general problem for the left. Conservatives talk about schools, while their opponents tend to talk about "integrated systems of education" or something like that.

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