Sunday, July 10, 2022

Milton Jones's humour and Boris Johnson's promises

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I love Milton Jones's comedy. He doesn't just use puns and word play. If that was all he did, he's be Tim Vine.

It's because every funny line of his creates an alternative world. And that world exists for a second or two on stage with him until its bubble bursts and it is no more.

I suspect Boris Johnson's promises are like that.

He's a narcissist, so when he announces his 40 new hospitals, his Restoring Your Railway fund, his £3bn bus revolution or his levelling up agenda, just for a moment he believes in the idea. He sees grateful patients, passengers or Northerners blessing him, imagines himself basking in their praise and harvesting their votes.

Then the bubble bursts.

It's all too much work, his donors wouldn't like it and, besides, he doesn't care about other people that much when he comes to think of it.

Thanks a lot, Boris Johnson.

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