Saturday, July 30, 2022

The Spectator uncovers more of Liz Truss's Lib Dem past

Steerpike of the Spectator has got hold of a leaflet Liz Truss put out when she made an unsuccessful attempt to be elected treasurer of Lib Dem Youth and Students, which was then the party's youth wing.

He writes:

Underneath a headline which proclaims 'Elizabeth Truss for Treasurer' it lists her skills as an 'experienced community campaigner' and a 'founder member of the Leeds North East Young Liberal Democrats.'

It notes her maiden speech 'calling for the party to practice [sic] what it preaches' at the Torquay Federal Conference and even boasts an endorsement from-then leader Paddy Ashdown: 'Elizabeth is a good debater and is utterly fearless.' 

Longtime Lib Dem activist Kiron Reid also predicted that 'Liz will be a determined treasurer and lively member of the executive.'

I've reproduced the leaflet here with no one's permission. Meanwhile, Kiron will be investigated by the Liberator editorial collective for suspected counter-revolutionary activity.


SJ said...

It’s a small, and perhaps somewhat elitist, point but I have never heard of anyone calling it Economics, Politics, and Philosophy before. Surely the only reason anyone would call it that was because either they were trying to emphasise the degrees relevance to the role of treasurer for Lib Dem Youth and Students or because they were trying to make it sound less like they were a member of the ruling elite. In either case, I find this choice by far the most characteristic aspect of this leflet for Liz Truss!

Jonathan Calder said...

I noticed that too - and it's not elitist at all.