Friday, July 29, 2022

The Joy of Six 1065

Russia’s war in Ukraine is a genocide. It's not just a land grab but a bid to expunge a nation, argues Kristina Hook.

Giles Wilkes finds himself increasingly uncertain about the desirability of economic growth: "What is the right approach to value, for example, all the incomes that were generated in the ecosystem around a busted cryptocurrency? It now turns out it was just a few thousand fools throwing real or fake money at one another, consulting, meeting, emailing, writing software, and now it is all bust. Was it real GDP at the time, and now not? Never real in the first place?"

"This was Britain as a rich, diverse, multicultural, imaginative, inventive nation comfortable with its identity and capable of reconciling its contradictions. We were traditional yet modern. We were powerful yet caring. We were orderly yet anarchic. We had a vast back catalogue of world-changing culture from which to draw. We knew how to put on a good show. And we had a sense of humour." Steve Rose asks if the 2012 Olympics the last gasp of liberal Britain.

Terry Eagleton plays with the word "character" and considers Boris Johnson as a character in literary fiction: "It helps to be a character to scramble into power, but you need to have character to stay there."

"It’s not just the case that if Mady Villiers had gone to pretty much any other state school in Essex, she would never have played for England. It’s that more than likely she wouldn’t have played at all." Phil Walker investigates whether cricket is becoming even more elitist.

"When footbridges and underpasses cease to be cared for, when the gardens become overgrown, and the concrete sickens, the shine can go off a new town pretty fast." Ray Newman looks at how post-war British new towns have been depicted on film.


nigel hunter said...

The West must not do an Afghanistan and leave Ukraine.Leaving the Afghanies was a disaster and made Putin think the West was weak.Along with the ideas written about a large influx of weapomns MUST be sent. AND realise that it will be a long haul to success.

nigel hunter said...

Re read Giles Wilkes .Cannot get my head round it BUT I do agree with the crypto currency farce.Some idiots playing around with computer money THAT CANNOT BE SPENT IN THE SHOPS.To me it therefore has NO VALUE.
Also Social Care.It does need an influx of younger people who could have new ideas of how to make the elderly peoples lives more rewarding.I class younger people up to the age of 30 who have not yet become fixed in their ideas.

nigel hunter said...

Steve Rose article.Yes austerity was there but we had an optomistic future ahead even if the Tories were not happy.Then came 2015 when the chains controlling the Consevatives were taken off.They became supreme right wingers which has helped the country into the mess of today.