Thursday, July 07, 2022

Send for Theresa May! Boris Johnson should resign as prime minister too

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Boris Johnson is to resign as leader of the Conservative Party but envisages staying on as caretaker prime minister while a new Tory leader is chosen.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

All the flaws that have led to this move are also reasons why he is not fit to be caretaker PM either.

Plus if you leave him at No. 10 with nothing to lose there's a danger that he'll pocket the silver and declare war on some random nation.

The Tories need to find a caretaker PM who will enjoy not only the confidence of their MPs but also of the country.

I offer them an obvious candidate: Theresa May.


David Evans said...

Yes. She's not much of a liberal Conservative, as shown by her time in the Home Office. However, she has a basic integrity which is more than you can say for most of the rest of that party.

Anonymous said...

Yes he can do alot of damage in that position.Another threatened coup like his teacher Trump with his storming of the White House.HE HAS TO GO NOW.

Unknown said...

I have spent a day in the car listening to news coverage of Johnson's (non-) resignation. Lots of comments from al sorts of people about the concept, practicalities and choice of a caretaker Prime Minister, and I am genuinely amazed that no-one has mentioned Theresa May as an option. To me, she's an obvious choice.

Phil Beesley said...

If Johnson goes soon as PM, he'll be homeless. I'm sure the FSB have a London safe house going spare.

If Johnson goes this year as an MP, he'll be jobless. For reasons beyond comprehension, he'll eventually earn a lot as an after dinner speaker. In the meantime, he'll hang on to every opportunity.