Thursday, December 14, 2023

Ed Davey talks about adversity and achievement on the What I Wish I'd Known podcast

For The Times podcast What I Wish I'd Known, Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester talk to:

extraordinary people living astonishing lives to learn from those who excel in sport, politics, the arts, business and more, despite real adversity. We hear their secrets and their inspirations, and learn how you too can thrive after life’s setbacks.

Well, maybe you can, though it should be mentioned that many people never make a full recovery from early adversity.

The podcast's latest guest is Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats:

He was just four years old when his father John George died and after years of caring for his mother Nina, who was diagnosed with incurable cancer, she passed away too when he was only 15. 
Ed has remained a positive outlook on life, focused on his work, he’s adamant that he’s never felt sorry for himself. 
Yet when Ed’s son, John, was born with a rare neurological condition and he became a carer once again in adulthood, it's astonishing to comprehend the resilience that Ed has learned. 

Ed's is a moving and humbling story, and you can listen to it on The Times's website.

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