Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Joy of Six 1188

Peter Geogehan reminds us that Michelle Mone is a symptom of a much deeper disease corrupting British politics.

"In the hours after the arrest, pretty much every British political media organization prominently reported the man’s arrest, together with his age, his position as an MP, and his alleged crimes. But while every reporter in Westminster knew exactly who he was, it took more than a year before anybody dared publish his name." Esther Webber explains how British libel law lets bad people get away with bad things."

"I am the only reader present in what’s typically a bustling space. The library’s reading rooms are now zombies. As public service announcements have brightly reported, the rooms are still open for 'personal study'. That said, visitors cannot request, retrieve, or use materials (for the most part), from the library’s vast collections." Carolyn Dever on the strangely unreported cyberattack that has crippled the British Library,

Alexandra Wilson says the idea that the best young academics end up working at the best universities is a myth.

Jonathan Liew reports on the dwindling of the London darts scene: "But this is a drowned world now, a lost world. Walk a mile in any direction from Alexandra Palace, where the Professional Darts Corporation hosts its world championships, and the rich darting heritage that birthed a worldwide phenomenon exists only in ghosts and whispers."

"Before the movie played, however, viewers were invited into a mocked-up American motel room, with a garish pink and blue neon sign blaring outside the window. A young chap with an electric shock haircut and a leather jacket sidled in to talk a little about Robin Hardy’s picture and the season of outsider films for which it marked the beginning." Richard Luck celebrates Alex Cox and Moviedrome.

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Matt Pennell said...

Darts scene: The decline of traditional boozers with darts, snooker, skittles etc in London is very sad. I used to visit the Prince William Henry mentioned by Jonathan Liew just a few minutes from Blackfriars Bridge, I suspect it's one of many pubs that's shuttered due to the pandemic, it's just far away enough from the river to miss the tourist traffic circulating between the South Bank, Tate Modern, St Pauls and the Globe.
While the Labour admin in London has some well-intentioned policies such as the Cultural Land Trust, Night Time Enterprise Zones and the Night Czar, they're not stopping the decline of the pub. More and different support is needed. Certainly I can't point to any tangible achievements from having a Night Czar!