Saturday, December 09, 2023

The Joy of Six 1185

Nick Harvey and Paul Tyler talk to Arthur Snell about their book Can Parliament Take Back Control? He says they have "produced a short, easily readable book which contains a set of clear proposals, around elections, parliamentary procedure, reform of the upper house and standards in public life. Although it’s just about parliament, this book could be titled How to Fix Britain, because if its recommendations where followed, our national life would be improved immeasurably." 

Post-Covid transport recovery, supporting the night economy, from-the-ground-up regeneration, harnessing Smart Cities tech. It's all in the Liberal Vision for Urban Britain from Matthew Pennell.

"'Discipline has broken down completely and the party feels ungovernable,' a senior Tory adviser told HuffPost UK. 'The PM has managed to anger pretty much all sides of the party, which is quite the achievement.'" Kevin Schofield on Rishi Sunak's impossible job.

Moheb Costandi argues that while the neurodiversity movement has empowered many people with autism, it favours the high-functioning and overlooks those who struggle with severe autism.

Julian Barnes reviews a book on Monet, but what he has to say about corruption in the world of art criticism is the real eyeopener.

"Egged on by manager Stephen Woolley (who would go on to produce British films such as Mona Lisa and Scandal), its programming exuded arthouse cool, the wired, insurgent energy of post-punk music, and the filthiness of American grindhouse." Sukhdev Sandhu watches a documentary about the Scala cinema, which flourished in King's Cross between 1978 and 1993.

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