Monday, December 04, 2023

Three letters to the Guardian about that letter to the Guardian

There are three letters in Monday's Guardian in response to the recent letter to that paper from 30 more or less senior Liberal Democrats saying the party is being too cautious and needs to explain to voters what it stands for before the general election.

The first is from the party's president Mark Pack and claims: "Far from being too cautious, the Liberal Democrats under Ed Davey have shown incredible boldness."

The second is from Alan Butt Philip and says it would help if the party linked what it's saying to longstanding liberal ideas. 

"When the voters are crying out for radical change," he says, "the Lib Dems are calling for a 'fair deal for Britain' - which has about as much electoral appeal as a pink blancmange."

And the third. from Peter Wrigley, lists some of the more radical policies in the policy document approved at this year's party conference. and adds: "I hope these exciting proposals make it to our manifesto and our candidates highlight them, rather than keep quiet about them for fear of scaring off floating voters."

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Matt Pennell said...

The one thing that's missing from this discourse is a letter documenting our proud record of radical liberalism at local government level. If only someone had the presence of mind to mention how certain Liberal councils gave the green light to nude swimming clubs operating on municipal facilities, that would've been a check mate move.